Win at Craps


Craps is one such game filled with enthusiasm and enticement. If Craps is played with the right strategies, it can be the best game if not, it can take the title of the worst. If you are looking for some practical tips to win Craps, then you have landed on the right webpage. In this article, we are providing you with a list of best tips to nail the game of Craps in style.

1.     Choose pass line bet

The pass line is considered as the premier bet, be focused before you choose the pass line. If the house edge is just 1.41 per cent which means you can have the hopes of losing $1.41 per $100 wagered.

2.    Go for the come bet

When a house edge is said to be just 1.41 per cent the pass line automatically called as a premier bet. Make sure you are clear about the percentages that might be in your following list.

3.    Go for the don’t pass bet

This is the prevalent mistake committed by the craps players. If you are planning to nail the game, and then make sure you will go through the pass line patiently.

4.    Go for the don’t come bet

Don’t come becomes a premier bet when the house edge is just 1.40 per cent. Many players assume that this bet is against the game. As per the study, there are only a few players who will make this bet. Many players will use 1.36 per cent as a bet. To be very clear, come best is same as the pass line bet and don’t come is like the don’t pass bet.

5.    Go for the odd bets

Zero house edge is an occasional bet.  Usually, various bets are made after the betting of the above four bets. A typical experienced craps player will be known these tricks, which he never shares with anyone. You always have the opportunity to add more to you bet, and this is the most admired allowance of the casinos to the gamblers.

6.   Placing the 6 and/or 8

Place bets are not as favorite as the other bets above. But putting the 6 or 8 is still considered as the best in the Craps at a casino. The edge of the house will be 1.52 per cent which means that the losing expectation can rage to $1.52 per cent over $100 wagered.

7.    Go with the Don’t 6 and Don’t 8

This is also known as the “No 6 and No 8”. In this case, the house edge is 1.82 per cent which means the loose expectation ranges to $1.82 per $100 wagered against 6 or 8.  Here you bet on the 7 that will come before 6 or 8. The 7 is the most substantial number in the game of craps. The bets above 7 are the best bets at the game.