Card Counting Tips

8 General Blackjack Card Counting Tips

Gambling is a royal game. If you master it, no doubt it becomes your slave. Blackjack is one such fun and excitement filled game. In this article, we are discussing the general Blackjack card counting tips.

1.     Take your good time

Counting cards need to be done peacefully. Always make sure you take your time to review the cards and choose the right one. If you are a beginner, then KO and Hi-Lo is the most suitable card for you because they are less complicated and it allows you to be more confident and master the system with clarity.

2.    Begin with small stakes

Every game is a risk in the beginning. Make your opening better by taking small stakes. Because little stakes have low risks. Begin with say $5 games. Make sure the game is a teacher, and you learn many tips and tricks out of it.  Once you learn and master the game, start playing with more significant stakes.


3.    Be a watch on your bankroll

Make sure you always have an eye on your bankroll. The prevalent mistake players commit not having a check on their bankroll. Many players will not be having sufficient information about how much essential money they need to have as a cardholder. This might drive you to lose a lot of money. Hence make sure you will have your roll checked.

4.    Mastering Strategy

Mastering the strategy of Hi-Lo counting is an art. When you know this, you will learn the fact that a card which has valves between 2 and 6 will be considered as 1 and the card between 7 and 9 has no values. The cards that are worth 10 or more will be counted as -1. To determine the value of the next card if it is hi or low, you need to start it with 0.

5.    Increasing the strategy

With the help of Hi-Lo strategy, you can increase the bets whenever the count is positive, +2 or better. It is basically like if you want more players to play, then you need to increase the stake. The high-value numbers represent that top valued cards are still residing in the deck.

6.   Hide your abilities

This is a very fundamental tip you need to know as a gambler. It would help if you hid your ability to count the cards, miss guide your fellow player. Be flexible with the game meanwhile do not let your opponent know what you are thinking about.

7.    Learn totally

If you are holding a 4 and a jack, then the values will be +1 and -1 respectively, where both values get cancelled. This is called tallying your cards. Increase your speed and accuracy.

8.    Focus on improving your game

The very primitive you always need to keep in mind is, every time you play, make sure you are adding more points to your gaming calibre.